Jeffrey Resnick

Managing Partner

As the managing partner and Founder of Stakeholder Advisory Services, Mr. Resnick has taken the intangible area of reputation and made it concrete, enabling senior executives and boards of directors to manage and protect one of an organization's most important assets - its reputation. From an enterprise risk perspective, this is as important as managing IT, financial, operational and human capital risk. Case studies of the dire consequences to businesses and organizations that fail to do so are numerous.

Mr. Resnick brings more than 25 years of expertise in the world of reputation measurement. He was a co-founder and Chief Research Officer of Rating Research LLC, a reputational rating agency where he pioneered the development of a robust quantitative system for measuring reputational strength in a competitive context.

In prior roles, he was CEO of Opinion Research Corporation's US Group where he developed and managed the CNN|ORC International Poll, recognized as one of the premier polls of American public opinion. His client work covers an extensive array of strategic business issues faced by executive management with a particular focus on reputation management, brand development and strength, customer growth and commitment, market assessment and segmentation and social media analysis.

As CASRO Chair in 2012 and a member of its Board of Directors, Mr. Resnick helps steer the market research industry through an exciting yet tumultuous period of intense innovation, ensuring that the industry continues to provide the value and insight expected by its clients. On CASRO's behalf, he chaired the task force that developed the first set of public guidelines for social media analysis. CASRO represents over 325 member firms, with over 32,000 employees and $8 billion in global annual revenue.