Elizabeth Russ, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor

Dr. Russ has over 30 years of experience in leveraging deep stakeholder insight to create more targeted enterprise, brand and franchise strategies. Her expertise is in empowering clients with deep understanding of the motivations and attitudes (both beneficial and prejudicial) with which their stakeholders enter into relationships with them and in identifying the potential levers for changing those attitudes to favor a client’s success and sustainability. She is highly regarded as a strategic stakeholder knowledge expert, specifically for her skill in accessing both the available and the less conscious opinions and motivations that affect willingness to do business with organizations and in helping organizations to leverage that understanding to create more successful brands.

For Stakeholder Advisory Services, Dr. Russ’s role is to ensure that appropriate and rigorous strategies are employed to secure representative, robust and accurate stakeholder opinions as the inputs to enterprise reputation risk assessments and that the learning is fully and appropriately leveraged in the resulting business strategies. She practices the full range of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analytical methods to fulfill this responsibility.

Dr. Russ is the founder and managing partner of EXIGO Management Consultants, a research-based consulting firm in Princeton, NJ that serves the healthcare industry. Her career spans both corporate and consulting environments and professional and consumer markets. Throughout her career, Dr. Russ has been especially interested in the development and use of stakeholder information in decision making. She has introduced many clients to novel information collection and management approaches and helped them to structure and mange their research and analysis function for maximal impact upon volume and business sustainability.

Dr. Russ has a B.A. from Macalester College and Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Stirling, UK.