David Jones, MBA

Senior Advisor

Mr. Jones is a managing partner at TKG Healthcare Consulting, helping leaders in healthcare organizations transform their business models to advance patient outcomes, meaningful innovation and financial vitality. As Senior Advisor, Business Change Strategy for Stakeholder Advisory Services LLC, Mr. Jones brings his business change management expertise in helping boards and executive teams build change plans that support business strategy, in response to a better understanding of their enterprise reputational risk. Mr. Jones’ expertise in methodology development was central to the creation of Stakeholder Advisory Services’ Enterprise-Reputation Risk Management (E-RRM™) framework and service model.

Mr. Jones’ career spans more than twenty-five years in business and organizational change. In prior roles, Mr. Jones led and designed change in organizations across multiple industries as a business architect and business systems analyst at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). As senior corporate methodology architect and charter member of the company’s corporate knowledge program, Mr. Jones transformed the company’s enterprise services methodology to a business change-focused model.

Mr. Jones is author of Leading and Implementing Business Change Management in the Contemporary Organization (Routledge 2013), and has authored papers and presented on business change at healthcare conferences. Mr. Jones holds a BA in economics and business, and an MBA in financial management.